Attractions in the region, what to do and and where to go?  


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The three important W's: What to do, What to see, Where to shop: 

For sportive people:

Cycling and walking (and jogging) on the recently renewed tens of kilometers cycling- and walking paths in the "Horsterwold" or along the Wolderwijd Lake and on the "Veluwe Lake". Also ideal for "Tour de France" cyclists to be, because there are many small polder roads where it is quite safe to go for the real sport and go as fast as Lance Armstrong. For enthusiastic ATB cyclist are also various tracks in the woods. All information on tourist and recreational opportunities can be found at the tourist offices of Zeewolde and Harderwijk (for the Veluwe region), or on specialized websites on the internet. You can walk, hike or jog on an extensive network of walking paths in the Horsterwold that starts directly from our park, and in the special nature reserve "De Stille Kern" where nature is a lot "wilder" and where a herd of Konik horses roam freely and can be seen in pure nature. You can also walk (limited), but especially very well observe nature from special lookouts in the biological wildlife reserve "Oostvaardersplassen" (25 km.), one of the most important nature reserves of our country, especially for thousands of water birds, but also wisents, highlanders, and large deer roam wildly in dozens. For the more fanatic walkers and cyclists we recommend the "Veluwe", only 14 km. from Villa Woldrust. Go to Harderwijk, pass over the A 28, stay on the N 302, turn left at the exit " Apeldoorn" and pass the hotel van der Valk. After about 300 meters you will see on your left a small road (marked with a P sign), go in there and after again 300 meters you can park your car for free. From there you can walk within 10 minutes to the oldest and largest sand drift of our country, in the middle of the most beautiful natural area of the Netherlands. Dozens of miles of walking- and cycling trails on thousands of acres of unspoiled nature with sands and heaths, plus plenty of deciduous and pine forests, where you can't believe your own eys and ears because of the beautiful scenery and the bird sounds, and above all the immense and impressive silence. Also on the Veluwe is the country estate Staverden, with a beautiful white "fairytale castle" where you can have a drink or a bite on a very nice terrace in the orangery. This place is an ideal start for a lovely walk in the woods around the castle in combination with a sniff of culture at the same time. That same option applies to Apeldoorn with the internationally famous Royal Palace "Het Loo" (now a Royal Museum that is unfortunatly closed for 5 years due to renovation), and the palace park with the small but very charming old castle "Het Oude Loo". Instead of having a walk in the park, you can go to the tiny village Hoog Soeren (5 km.) in the middle of a very beautiful natural area. Or combine this walk with a visit to the "Apenheul" (national famous monkey zoo, great for kids!) or the "Julianatoren", a modest amusement park, especially very good for younger kids!  

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the Golf Club Zeewolde (4 km.), where a beautiful 18-hole course is provided with a driving range, pro shop and a cozy clubhouse to complete the "19th hole" in style with a glass amongst friends and/or opponents. Furthermore there are 18-hole courses near Harderwijk (also recreation golf) and Lelystad. 

Watersports like rowing, canoeing, sailing, and wind- or kite- surfing, may be carried out on all the Veluwe lakes, where you also can hire boats etc. in various marinas (info at the Tourist Office or on the internet). It's ideal to have a (inflatable) rubber boat or canoe yourself and use this with the children on the canal next to the park which offers a very nice boat trip to the village, or on the Wolderwijd Lake where you can glide in peace and silence along the reeds of the borders and enjoy local "water-wildlife". Well-known and very popular are wind- and kite- surfing on the Wolderwijd en the Veluwemeer (the two largest Veluwe lakes), especially from the Woldstrand which is only 5 minutes' walk from the village center and about 10 minutes' drive from our house. Young international windsurfers even come all the way to Zeewolde because of the ideal conditions for these watersports. Anglers will enjoy the lakes as well as the various polder canals, where you can catch all kinds of course fishing species. You can fish almost anywhere, but a permit is required (info at the Tourist Office).

Beach Fun: swimming and sunbathing on the Woldstrand, at walking distance from the village center, with a special children's section, plus several other beaches along the Wolderwijd en the Veluwemeer. The Woldstrand is very safe for children because of the shallow water. The beach was completely renovated last year and fitted with sport- and play- facilities, showers and toilets, a large free parking lot, a natural pool "het Atol", and a beach pavilion with large terrace that offers nice views towards the lake.

For fun and wellness lovers:

Fun-Daytrips: At 20 minutes by car you reach the famous theme park Walibi World, one of the best known and most popular amusement parks in the Netherlands! Not cheap, but worth every penny because you get a fantastic day for your money, if you like this kind of amusement. Anyway, your kids will love it and this visit will probably be the highlight of their holiday, and that is what really counts! Just a few minutes away from the theme park are the recreation zones "Rivierea Beach"and "Veluwe Strandbad", both optimal for a nice day at the beach with various facilities (both with entrance fee). In addition, the well-known and very popular Dolphinarium in Harderwijk is only 10 minutes by car or half an hour by bike (12 km.). And how about a great indoor karting track, near to the Dolphinarium. Amersfoort (at 25 km.) not only offers a very nice and beautiful old town center with various monuments and museums, but also a very interesting and pleasant zoo, right next to a wooded area where you can have a nice walk. Flevoland is known in Holland as a "dull area", but nevertheless this province offers not only some attractive lakes with the best fresh-water beaches in the country, but also the Aviodrome, an aviation museum which is absolutely unique in our country (and maybe even in Europe), the "Bataviawerf" where you can visit a replica of a 17th century ship, "Bataviastad", a great outlet center with over a hundred outlet stores that sell expensive brands of fashion clothes, shoes, sunglasses etc. at discount prices, Almere where you can shop till you drop in a modern city center, and so on. Or make a wonderful cruise on the lakes, which you can embark in Harderwijk harbor or other marinas. And for the children it is a great adventure to go on a sunny afternoon to the "Hans en Grietje House", where they (as well as the parents) can eat the best pancakes in the area and (as they claim) the best homemade ice-cream in The Netherlands, all at very moderate prices (warmly recommended, fantastic value for money and great for your kids). There is a nice playground and evrything is free, you only pay for food and drinks. All this just a few kilometers away from our house. Another "golden tip" is to go with the family to the "Zuiderzee Museum" and the historic harbor of Enkhuizen (55 km. from your temporarily "home"), guaranteed a great day and going there you will drive 25 km. right through the IJsselmeer, which is also a special experience on itself. In the house you will find a book (made by me as an amateur) with lots of information and personal "tips for trips" in the area, both in terms of nature and culture, as well as sports or entertainment.  

wellness enthusiasts can visit the popular and well known spa and sauna center "Zwaluwhoeve" in Hierden, near Harderwijk. We advise you to use the internet to book in advance for a lovely day in this fantastic wellness center, with also a Doctor Fish (surprise!) section, because it can be quite busy. More wellness centers to find on the internet using "sauna en wellness op de Veluwe".

Especially for children

Apart from cycling and walking in the woods around the park your children have more options: mini golf at various locations, the "Hans en Grietje Pancake House" with playground, the fantastic subtropical swimming paradise "AquaMundo" in the "Eemhof" (advanced booking!), a bungalow park at 20 km., where you also can hire rowing boats, canoes and surfing boards in the new marina, fishing (also in trout ponds), the "adventure forest" for small kids (no charge and nearby), karting in Harderwijk, indoor swimming in Zeewolde, and of course the greatest highlights for your kids: Walibi World and the Dolphinarium. 

For culture lovers: 

Within 25 kilometers.

The center of the old market town Harderwijk (12 km.) is certainly worth a visit for its local museum, as well as an enjoyable stroll through the old characteristic streets and squares of this former fishing town. A little further to the north you will find the small, but very charming castle "De Essenburgh", which unfortunately is now a training center and not open for the public anymore. However, you still can enter the beautiful park for a small but nice walk in the gardens. Again, a bit further to the north you come to Elburg, one of the best preserved fortified towns of our country. Everything within the city walls is completely original and in perfect condition. There is a small local museum as well as an organ museum, which is unique in Holland. And of course it is quite pleasant to have a stroll through the old cobbled narrow streets or have a relaxing break and a drink on one of the abundant terraces. South of Zeewolde lies Amersfoort (25 km.), a beautiful old town with many antique monuments and the "Flehite Museum" that is certainly worth a visit. Opposite this museum, there is "De Mannenzaal", a perfectly preserved ward of a 16th century hospital and now part of the museum. Very close to the museum, you can walk along the "Havik", one of the most scenic canals in town, or have a look at the "Koppelpoort", one of the three well preserved city gates of Amersfoort. Between Amersfoort and Zeewolde you can visit Nijkerk, Putten and Ermelo, all pleasant villages for sightseeing or shopping. By bike, you can go on the pedestrian ferry that goes from Zeewolde to the opposite shore, from where you can go to Ermelo and right through to the entire "Veluwe". On the Veluwe are the castle of Staverden, a real bright and shiny white gem, in the middle of the woods and surrounded by moats, as well as the castle "Cannenburgh" near Vaassen, and the Royal Palace "Het Loo" in Apeldoorn, build by William III who was also king of England by marriage with Mary II ( the William and Mary period) and the man that unfortunately caused the "Irish Problem". By the way, did you know that the famous palace gardens are designed by the same garden architect as the ones at the palace of Versailles! On the way to Amsterdam is the "Muiderslot" (25 km.), a castle that has played an important role in Dutch cultural history. In my info-book you can find even more "tips and trips", so you don't have to worry that you might get bored. 

Within 50 kilometers:

By car you reach Kampen or Zwolle within 40-50 minutes (nice drive along the "Veluwemeer"), both towns that are definitely worth a visit because of the impressive old city gates, the historic town centers and in Kampen a fantastic town hall, while Zwolle offers also two interesting museums. You should see at least the local museum with some very interesting rooms that are completely decorated in original 17th century style. Also Hattem (a few minutes from Zwolle) is worth a visit for it's characteristic atmosphere and it's two small, but ever so nice museums in the same building. One part shows the work of Anton Pieck, a unique drawing artist and designer of the "Efteling" (a famous theme park), while the other part holds a fantastic collection of paintings by "Voerman", a well-known painter of the typical landscapes of this region. From Zwolle you can go home through Heino where you can visit the castle of "Het Nijenhuis" with another very interesting museum and a lovely castle park including a garden with over 50 sculptures. From there you pass the IJssel river with the small ferry (at Olst) and drive along a very typical Dutch Landscape to Epe and back home, a drive with lots of natural and scenic beauty. Quite a long trip, but guaranteed worth every mile of it. Also Deventer and Zutphen (60 km. east) are nice historic towns with lots of monuments, and towards Amsterdam you can have a look at some villages in "Het Gooi", a very rich area where most of the TV millionairs and artists live in gorgeous villas in the middle of green parks and wooded areas.

Also Amsterdam and Utrecht can be reached within 45 minutes!                            

Both very old and important historic cities in The Netherlands, with famous museums like the Rijksmuseum, just reopened after 10 years of restoration, and the Van Gogh Museum, plus the museum of mechanical music "Speelklok" in Utrecht, and dozens of other interesting attractions and monuments. Zeewolde is very centrally located and therefore most of the interesting cities, museums, and sights can be reached easily and fast by car.  

More then 50 kilometers:

Going west you can just visit Enkhuizen with its historical harbor and the great Zuiderzee Museum, but you can also combine this visit with a round-trip to Hoorn (beautiful harbor with many antique ships) and Monnickendam, both examples of Dutch 17th century towns with the typical architecture of that period. Even the well-known Volendam and Amsterdam are not far from there (see the information in "Tips and Trips"). Another possibility is to spend a day in The Hague (110 km.), the city where our government is located in the most beautiful group of buildings in the Netherlands. Next to this "house of parliament" you find the famous Museum "Het Mauritshuis" with many fabulous 17th century paintings. You also can visit the seafront with it's nice promenade and the beautiful "Kurhaus", or go sightseeing in the historic city center with the only classical covered shopping promenade in our country. Of course I have to mention Delft en Leiden, being important historical and touristic gems, and if you go there, you will see why these towns are famous. And don't forget Rotterdam, with its important commercial harbor and various museums.


In the Info Book lying ready in the house for you, are extensively described multiple day trips, with lots of tourist information and photos. These trips are especially meant for (particularly foreign) guests who want to see or discover more than just Amsterdam and the famous theme parks, but are also interested in less known cities, museums, and cultural attractions! You can also look on the Internet for more information and images on the computer in the house that is free at your disposal. To be able to surf the web, you need no password (only password for the Wi-Fi if it is accidentally fallen out, but that passsword is up front in the infobook). You can customize these trips to your own ideas, shortening (if you travel with small children, some trips may be too long or too heavy for them) or just extend. Also, you can merge the listed destinations from multiple trips to create your own day trip. In short, you can go all directions, and create your own tour package. 

For the real shoppers:

I have already mentioned several cities where you can shop extensively, especially the great outlet center "Bataviastad" with over hundred shops of top brands (sports-) clothes and all related fashion matters, where extreme discounts from 50 to 70 percent rule rather than be an exception. Also Harderwijk, Amersfoort and Almere are fine shopping cities, and all within half an hour drive from our park. For the real shoppers Amsterdam and Utrecht are only 45 minutes away, within easy reach using perfect roads.  

Culture around the Veluwe: magnificent castles and charming historic old towns:


And "just around the corner" lots of excitement for young and old, so for the whole family:




 We wish you a very pleasant stay in Villa Woldrust and if you have any question or a problem, please, 

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